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Personal Development Training for your Champion Workforce

Personal Development Training

Inside every individual, there is a champion, waiting to emerge! Our highly interactive & action-oriented personal development training programs ignites the sparks in every participant by tapping into their innate potential. 

  • These programs deal with specific requirements around Managing Self and Personal Development
  • The workshops can be run in a modular format

Tap into your innate potential

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EWC’s Personal Development Training

Bring out the Champion in You

Each individual is born with an immense potential to achieve great things in life. However, the reality is different, few achieve greatness while others struggle with mediocrity. How you think, being action-oriented and taking responsibility for your life contribute to what you can achieve in your professional life and the quality of life you live.

“Bring out the Champion in You” seeks to ignite the spark in you tapping into your innate potential. This is one of the highly interactive and activity oriented programs among other personal development training programs. There are video clips from real life, examples of individuals from varied walks of life, who have overcome age, disabilities and impediments and achieved greatness.

This program will help the participants to:
  • Set meaningful goals
  • Assess self on Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, Habits
  • Challenge paradigms and mindsets that hold one back
  • Create an action plan
Program Topics:
  • Taking responsibility for yourself
  • Being Goal oriented
  • Setting your priorities
  • Attitude matters
  • Developing and practicing the right habits
  • Execution Excellence

Target Audience: Open to All

Communication Skills

The Communications Skills Excellence Training program helps individuals to communicate effectively, appropriately, and succinctly in all situations. Functionally individuals may be excellent, however, it is how they communicate that makes a difference. Studies show that 80% of a person’s professional success can be attributed to their communication and social skills.

This program endeavors to give the participants the edge to build relationships and engage meaningfully by enhancing their ability to communicate better, leading to a more productive personal and professional life.

The program will enable the participants to:
  • Communicate succinctly
  • Engage and align while communicating
  • Develop a better understanding of self/others and thereby communicate effectively
  • Use structured verbal and written methodologies for communicating
Program Topics:
  • What is communication?
  • Barriers to communication
  • Verbal communication
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Written Communication
  • Using the Pyramid Construct

Target Audience: Open

Time Management

The aim of managing your time is to spend time doing the things that help you achieve your goals and the things that you personally value. Time management is straightforward – but it takes time, one needs to prepare the ground for effective time management and then devise a workable system that supports you in your endeavor.

This program will introduce the concepts of time management & tools that will help the participants manage time more productively and ensure the prioritization of work in line with the organization’s needs.

At the end of this course, participants would be able to:
  • Apply new systems and processes
  • Utilize time management tools and techniques
  • Use a framework that best suits their style, to increase productivity
  • Manage their own time more effectively, and positively impact efficiency and effectiveness during meetings
  • Have productive conversations over the telephone
Program Topics:
  • Introduction to Time Management
  • Dealing with Procrastination
  • Urgent Vs Important – Time Management Matrix
  • First Things First
  • Managing Time during meetings
  • Managing Tel Calls

Target Audience: Open to All

Negotiation & Influencing Skills

Negotiation skills are essential for any successful professional. This program provides direction on how to use a strategic negotiation process to strike effective, long-lasting, and profitable agreements with stakeholders. It focuses on the preparation stage of the Negotiation process: setting clear objectives, prioritizing your concessions, and preparing thoroughly before you initiate negotiations. Understanding stakeholders, their needs and potential objections helps one position better for success during the negotiation process.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand Stakeholders and their needs 
  • List and define the principles of negotiation to get the best outcome – Issue, Position, Interest
  • Use appropriate negotiation strategy for a win/win outcome
  • Prepare for negotiation using a step-by-step approach setting critical limits
  • Bargain systematically 
  • Keep a positive interaction during the negotiation
  • Build relationships
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Stakeholder Types – Analytical, Driver, Amiable, Expressive
  • Stakeholders’ expectations/requirements
  • Win-Win Outcomes
  • Effective Questioning & Listening skills
  • Phases in a typical complex negotiation
  • Objective, Fall-back, Negotiable issues/variables, limits, priorities, buyers target, cost of concession
  • Issue / Position/Interest
  • Effective persuaders – Push Vs Pull
  • Influencing Strategies
  • Dealing with Conflicts, Objections, and Concerns

Target Audience: Open to All

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