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Reality of learning happens when the rubber meets the road

Continuous Learning Interventions

A 2016 HBR study claims companies spend enormous amounts of money on employee learning and development — $160 billion in the United States and close to $356 billion globally in 2015 alone — but cannot garner a decent return on their investment. Some believe that learning doesn’t lead to better organizational performance because people soon revert to their old ways of doing things.

Reason? Despite having the power to pause, reassess, change decisions, and act, most training becomes a one-time activity. There needs to be a mechanism to help employees apply the learning at the workplace supported by coaching, feedback, recall, community of practice, technology, etc.

Employees are asked to prepare a basic action plan based on their understanding at the end of a learning intervention. However, it ends right there! Employees are left wondering how they may apply their newfound knowledge. They go back to their workplace where managers push for productivity. There is pressure and a tendency to revert to the old way. Action plans adorn clipboards for a while before being lost in the cavernous depths of desk drawers. Organizational objectives are thus left unrealized. A dead learning investment and a costly lost opportunity!

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EWC’s Implementation coaching helps employees with continuous learning interventions
  • Buy-in from the business
  • Alignment of systems
  • Alignment of reporting managers
  • Develop a robust action plan
  • On board and share their action plans with their reporting manager and seek support
  • Individual accountability and responsibility for action
  • Bias for action
  • Track & realize the benefits of changed action/ behavior

High-quality implementation and supportive managers are critical to effective and sustained progress. Many organizations find that targeted implementation coaching enables individuals and drives their performance.

Explore our Implementation Coaching approach to enable individual employee performance improvement for organizational success.

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