Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching - Accelerate executive onboarding to create a clear vision of the future

Managerial Transitioning Journey

When individuals commence their Managerial journey, they transition every time they are promoted or given more considerable responsibility. While a few transitions take place seamlessly as a fish takes to water, a large number of changes are a struggle, where the newly promoted individual needs to deal with fears, anxieties, uncertainties, excitement, confusion – emotions that stay till they successfully evolve to the new role. In this transitional journey, they are not sure whom to talk to, should they seek help, or are they the only one? They find themselves torn between priorities- No one likes to be seen as incompetent, weak, confused and ineffective. On the other hand, they are on the radar of those who have supported their promotion, their team and their boss. Time is of paramount importance in transitions – you either get it right, you struggle to get it right or you fail to get it right in the first few months. The cost of failed transitions is immense to the individual, team and the organization. This is where Transition Coaching comes into play.

Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching is a systematic process, designed to guide newly promoted managers during the first few months, as they deal with change and ensure that they successfully achieve desired goals. The individual and the coach work together to convert the vision of success into reality by co-designing the transition plan. A survey conducted by IMD states that the right support can halve the time it takes for a newly promoted manager to get up to speed.

A Transition Coach is quite different from a Leadership Development Coach. Transition acceleration advice is a more organized and time-sensitive process that aims to help the new Leader / Manager through the initial months.

EWC offers Transition Acceleration Coaching to facilitate Managerial/Leadership transitions

Some typical examples of Transition Coaching,

  • Newly promoted manager to ensure a smooth transition
  • Assisting with the development and growth of potential Managers
  • Working with Managers who are ‘stuck’ and need assistance to identify potential future opportunities, and develop strategies to get to their desired roles within the organization

Transition Coach

Leadership Development Coach

Focuses on transition and actionables around the skills, time frames & areas of focus Focus is on self-awareness and behaviour change enhancing the effectiveness
Use of structured methodology and framework Uses varied methodologies, tools and techniques
Results in a defined 90-day action plan Results in a developmental plan and a more prolonged engagement
The coach should have transitional experience along with Coaching skills The coach must have deep behavioural insights and ability to engage
Proactive & structured Reactive and goes with the flow and priorities of the Coachee

EWC’s Transition Coaching – A Hands-on and Personal Approach to Coaching

At EWC, our Transition Coaching practice is based on collaboration. We create a partnership with the individual and collaborate to ensure a smooth transition. The individual is always the driver of their solutions with encouragement and support of the EWC Coach as their navigator. It is a powerful alliance that aims to enhance the process of learning and fulfilment.

Our approach is a designed and defined relationship between Coachee and the EWC Coach, based on the goals and objectives of the individual and the organization. The EWC coach supports the individual to achieve these goals through the use of insightful probing questions, reflections, discussion, encouragement and recommendations. This helps the individual to identify their transitional goals, develop strategies, build relationships with stakeholders, engage with their teams and create action plans. The EWC Coach encourages the Coachee in being personally responsible and accountable and monitors the Coachee progress.

Know if you need Transition Coaching in your organization by answering the following questions:

  • Are you newly promoted Managers delivering to the organizational expectations?
  • Are the attrition levels at the newly prompted Managerial cadre high?
  • Is motivation and engagement levels in the team dropping due to leadership?
  • Do you see the newly promoted manager struggling?
  • Are there gaps in the expected behaviours demonstrated by the newly promoted managers?
  • Are your newly recruited Managers struggling?
  • Is the reporting Manager coming back to you and saying – “Should we have promoted this individual?”

If most of your answers are YES, then Transition Coaching will be quite helpful.

In our role as Transition Coaches, we help these individuals through their transitional journey. We enable them to comprehend their wants and needs, motivations and fears, and any roadblocks in line with the new skills, time frame and work focus requirements as their unique role demands.

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