Sales force development

Sales Force Development

  • Our Sales Interventions are practical and infused with the client organization terminology
  • The case studies/Role plays are customized to your business realities
  • We provide end to end solutions for Sales Capability building

Edgeworth Consulting – we help companies assess the skills of their work force and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most efficiently.

Our offerings

Sales professionals enter the profession of selling with a varied background. While the technical competencies can be developed through a systematic study and understanding of products offerings, the ability to understand the Customers- needs, quantify them, recommend solutions, close the sale throws up a new challenge. Understanding Customer requirement and engaging with them with the intent of providing them a solution requires understanding of the following:

  • Buying Cycle
  • Sales Process
  • Building relationships with Customers
  • Effective Sales Communication Skills– Questioning Skills, Listening Skills, Assertive Communication

There is a need to understand the Customer’s requirements both from a technical perspective and an emotional perspective. The experience of the Customer during the buying cycle greatly depends on the ability of the salesperson to demonstrate value of the product/solution and service along with the ability to effectively build rapport with the Customer. This program builds skills around these areas using a blended approach. All the role plays and case studies are customized to reflect real world thereby enhancing the transfer of skills on to the work place. The program would equip the participants to:

  • Create positive impressions
  • Understand and Demonstrate appropriate sales behaviors
  • Understand the Sales Process & the Buying Cycle
  • Practice Questioning Skills, Need identification, FAB, Closing
  • Handle Objections and Demonstrate Value

Target Audience: 
Sales Professionals

Relationship Managers have to do more than present what their organization has to offer to prospective/ existing clients. They have to build the kind of long-term business relationships that ensure their organization is well-trusted, which in turn ensures steady business. They tend to fall back on their expertise potentially boring the client and dazzling them with too many facts and figures.

Gaining clients’ confidence and trust is the key to developing good business relationships. Too often, Relationship Managers go into meetings like ‘gangbusters’ deluging clients (or potential clients) with too much information and barely drawing breath.

Business Relationship Building is all about the fact that it’s ‘you they buy’ at gut level. This means that it’s less about the product and a whole lot more about how the Relationship Manager connects and engage with their clients.

The participants will be able to:

  • Understand their clients
  • Create opportunities for a deeper engagement
  • Engage with their clients
  • Build relationships with clients
  • Communicate succinctly and with confidence
  • Build their network to enhance their business coverage

Target Audience: 
Relationship Managers with 5+ years of experience who engage with Existing Clients & Potential Clients on a daily basis

The program equips the Sales Executives / Managers on Key Account Management skills resulting in an on-going profitable engagement; managed through a combination of professional, strategic account planning and relationship management skills.

Key Accounts are not only the most important to retain and develop – from a new business perspective – they are the hardest to win! The participants will be able to:

  • Systematically map the account
  • Building strong relationships
  • Plan and implement growth strategies
  • Increase business

The program covers the following topics:

  • Understanding Key Account relationships and how they work
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Integrating with the need based consultative selling process
  • Maximizing business potential with Key Accounts by
  • Moving up the value chain – from service provider to consultant
  • Developing trustworthy relationships
  • Advising and guiding partners to maximize business
  • Using their knowledge to enable partners to overcome barriers
  • Sales Management tools and techniques
  • Using sales processes and data analysis
  • Key account planning
  • Time and Territory management

Target Audience:
Sales Executives / Managers who have the responsibility of Key Account Management

Most organisations depend on their sales teams to propel growth. Every organisation believes that their sales managers will help them tide over every crisis and help them grow. However, most sales managers are in a reactive mode, always reacting to stimuli from the external environment and their leadership. They are found reacting and putting the blame on factors supposedly not under their control for all their shortcomings. Invariably, this leads to sales teams using their creativity to do postmortems rather than planning to take the lead.

How can sales managers face this challenge and get out of this downward spiral?

This program provides the front-line sales managers with proven skills, knowledge and tools they need to drive bottom line performance. It includes self-assessments and covers critical sales management abilities that include setting goals, managing sales performance, sales coaching and sales leadership. The program would help the Sales Managers to,

  • Acquire the desired knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed as a leader by driving optimum contribution and productivity
  • Improve sales results by implementing a behaviorally based performance management system
  • Learn how to prioritize management actions
  • Develop the full potential of your team with proven sales coaching techniques
  • Allocate coaching time based on ROI
  • Develop your leadership skills and leadership style
  • Understand what are the motivators for your sales team
  • Build a team of great sales professionals

Target Audience: 
Sales Managers

Coaching uses a process of inquiry so that people can access their own energy or inner strength to reach their own level of awareness. Tapping into a person’s previously unused strengths and talents advances personal growth and learning, which in turn challenges people to discover their personal best. People are more open to working on what they discover for themselves.

A Coaching conversation exactly does that!

Sales Coaching requires a unique approach for each Sales Rep and not a “one size fits all” approach. Just like any Coach, a Sales Coach draws from his or her experience, but the truly successful Sales Coaches or Sales Managers are data-driven and analytical. They ensure the successful performances of their team members by measuring hard data and subsequently measuring improvement and progress after Coaching sessions. A Sales Coach focuses on the behaviours or the steps that the Sales Rep takes to get to those results.

This program puts together a Coaching frame work and equips the participants with skills to start their journey as a Sales Coach. The participants will be able to,

  • To understand various Sales Developmental methods
  • To use an appropriate Leadership framework
  • To understand when to Coach
  • To list and practice the skills required to engage in a Coaching conversation
  • To practice coaching using the GROW Model
  • To use various Coaching styles based on the maturity continuum of the Coachee
  • To identify Coaching opportunities on an ongoing basis

Target Audience: 
Sales Managers managing a team

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