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Personal Excellence

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Edgeworth Consulting have identified the difference between standing out of the crowd and not sound foolish. Want to know what is in it for you?

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The difference between mediocre and highly effective individual/teams depends on how well they use their abilities to think individually  and as a team.

“Thinking with a difference “reinforces the foundation of “thinking “as a methodical process and actualizes the thinking potential of individuals and teams. The program will infuse a disciplined process for focus, leveraging perspectives and derive the best collaborative outcome.

The program will also ensure the participation of all the participants including those who are quiet and reserved on an equal playing field with those who are more talkative and might monopolize a meeting. The program seeks to,

  1. Look at opportunities, problems and the decision making process systematically
  2. Generate more ideas and solutions
  3. Stimulate innovation by generating more and better ideas quickly
  4. Run dynamic, results oriented meetings maximising voluntary participation
  5. Encourage possibility thinking ,think clearly and objectively
  6. See all sides of a situation ( 360 degree view)
  7. Focus on the situation /problem /opportunity not on the person

Program Topics

Some of the topics Covered include

  • Opening your mind
  • Paradigms
  • Thinking styles
  • Structuring your thoughts
  • Tools for structuring your thoughts
  • Parallel thinking
  • Tool for parallel thinking
  • Simulation

Target Audience:
Open to All

The complexity of the current business landscape and the speed at which decisions must be made, are a potential recipe for disaster unless a defined methodology for decision making is put into place. The first step is identifying a problem or anticipating problems and then taking appropriate measures to address the same. This program reinforces the foundation of decision making as a methodical process and actualizes the full thinking potential of an individual and teams, thereby resulting in making decisions that are well thought out. The program will infuse a disciplined process for individuals to be focused, leverage perspectives and derive the maximum outcome.

The participants will be able to:

  • Understand the problem solving process
  • Apply a structured approach to problem solving
  • Define and apply decision making models and techniques
  • Use questions to access relevant information
  • Use appropriate prioritization techniques
  • Communicate decisions
  • Implement solutions

Program Topics:

  • Frame work for solving problems
  • Solution generation methodologies
  • Decision making methodologies
  • Evaluating decisions
  • Barriers to decision making
  • Implementing decisions

Target Audience:
Open to All

High Impact Presentation program endeavors to enhance skills pertaining to developing and delivering effective presentations. Its unique methodology is immediate visible enhancement of skill levels for the participants. The need to deliver presentations that include updates, new initiatives / ideas and strategic / business reviews is an essential responsibility for a professional in today’s world.

The program endeavors to enable the participants to:

  • Structure a Presentation
  • Prepare systematically using appropriate visual aids
  • Deliver an effective presentation – face to face, virtually
  • Align presentation to the target audience
  • Present and get feedback and coaching

Program Topics:

  • Objective of the presentation
  • Framework 4 key elements
  • Developing Slides
  • Creating a positive impression
  • Presenting over the phone/virtually
  • Guidelines when presenting to senior management

Target Audience:
Open to All

Finance is the backbone of every business. However, finance is not intuitive nor is it taught to people from other disciplines. As individual’s progress in their careers, they start picking up bits and pieces on hearsay and become self-confessed financial experts. A ‘friendship’ with people in the finance department helps them understand little more of finance. The frustrations and tussles between finance and non-finance people are a regular feature of corporate life. Finance people talk their own language and expect others to know and understand the same.

As one grows senior in the organization, the decisions are guided more by financial considerations rather than by creative ones. One can make a great movie, commercial or advertisement, but if it does not generate revenue and profits, the effort can go waste. Hence there is a need to create harmonious path and generate an understanding between the finance people. This course will explain basic finance concepts to participants and help them get a better understanding of financial issues concerning their products and processes.

The participants will be able to:

  • Make sense of financial statements – P&L account and Balance Sheet
  • Understand the concept of profitability
  • Differentiate between Cash Flow and Profit
  • Get and elementary understanding of Time Value of Money
  • Understand the relationship between Cost – Value and Price

Program Topics:

  • Basics of Accounting & Finance
  • Income Statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Time value of money
  • Ratios
  • Costs
  • Cost Vs Price

Target Audience:
Open to All

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