Performance Coaching

• Performance Coaching – Helping low performing employees course correct & change

Individual employee performance is one of the key factors that contributes to the success of an organization. Low performance is frustrating, time-consuming, and it can demoralize the individual, the team and the organization. According to VitalSmarts, it takes just one or two underperforming employees to jeopardize an entire team’s efficacy. When an employee fails to prioritize tasks, misses deadlines and underperforms, teams can lose as much as 24% of their productivity.

So, what do you do about an employee who isn’t performing up to the mark? One of the keys is to identify the reasons for low performance which could be either capability or commitment issues or a combination of these and then address these issues.

The current way of managing low performance usually looks like this –
Managers have a conversation with the employees regarding their performance and where they stand. The employee hears the manager out and provides their take on the matter. At this juncture it is up to the manager to either develop an action plan or not and leave to it at the employees’ behest. Some organizations mandate that the conversation and the action plan be documented.  After this brief exchange the employee gets back to work.

Performance Coaching – A Mission-Critical Activity for an Organization

This can have one of the following outcomes:

  • Improved performance
  • No change in performance
  • Employee looks out for a new job and resigns
  • Further dip in performance due to dip in motivation

In 3 out of 4 outcomes, all parties lose

Organization    | 1. Productivity 2. Impacts the organization

Manager           | 1. Productivity 2. Impacts the team

Employee         | 1. Productivity 2.Opportunity to contribute 3. Motivation 4. Focus

This is where Performance Coaching can be a game-changer!

Performance coaching aims at improving performance in individuals and thereby impacting teams and organizational performance. In the face of massive organizational shifts, it can also serve as a catalyst for managing change positively in accordance to organization objectives.

At EWC, we follow a step-by-step process to convert underperformers into performers.

Analyzing Reasons for Underperformance:
Organization provides EWC a list of underperformers and defines the performance requirement ask. We speak to a sample of the target audience to understand their realities, where possible we observe them doing their job. We also seek inputs & perspective from the key business stakeholders and align them to the process.

Formulating the Plan:
We onboard EWC coaches specific to the client organization requirements. This is done to ensure client organization are comfortable with the experience and the profile of the coaches. The performance coaching plan consist of a schedule of approximately 6-12 calls. The reporting managers are onboarded, and their responsibilities and involvement are pre-defined.

Coaching the Underperformers to Up their Game:
Initial contact between the EWC Coach and the employee is established along with the intervention/project manager. Each conversation takes place for 45-90 minutes. Subsequent conversations take place between the employee and the EWC Coach.

Reporting Performance:
The coaching progress report is shared with the organization to track progress. We also have regular connects with the reporting managers on the requirement for support. Business outcomes are tracked to ensure improvement in performance.

How Employees and Organizations can benefit from EWC’s Performance Coaching:

EWC helps employees to achieve their full potential by:

  • Setting performance goals
  • Understanding their current reality by empathetic listening
  • Exploring and identifying the roadblocks
  • Looking out for options, prioritizing and developing strategies for implementation
  • Instilling accountability and responsibility in the employee
  • Tracking progress
  • Encouraging them to be better versions of themselves

Organizations can drastically improve their business performance by:

  • Partnering and using EWC as an extended performance enhancement unit
  • Transforming low performers to performers
  • Improving productivity & morale
  • Savings in recruitment cost, lost productivity etc.

EWC’s result-driven performance coaching has a great track record of helping organizations in enhancing performance.

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