People development is integral part of business growth

The process of employing, training, and assigning new staffs is often a slow and lengthy process. It usually takes weeks from beginning to the end. People development focus in every organization can either help the organization grow or lack of it can make it fall; this depends on how motivated they are and the level of time and efforts the employee can put into the roles they perform. This is proportionately equal to the attention, support and encouragement an employee receives from the organization and its superiors.

In the past, staffs received orders from their superiors, no questions asked, just accepting and executing commands. They have no room for contributions and suggestions, and many such staffs hide their skills out of fear of been overlooked or ignored by their employers. Today, in a ever changing world, with the millennial’s joining the work force, their expectations are different, it’s not just the job but the context and contributions they can make. This pushes organizations to look at ways to engage their employees through their tenure and not just the training at the beginning. In this modern age, both the firm and employees exploit more by sharing ideas and being engaged. Most firms use this as a strategy to stay ahead of their competitors, sometimes putting them behind business.

Employers, reap the benefit of an efficient workforce, consisting of individuals performing and executing multiple tasks. Employees, therefore, add to their skill sets and have that feeling of progressing with their careers. Employers should have the responsibility of investing in people development programs, bring in training & development consultants to conduct customized sessions, and seminars; and at the end are being coached and engaged by the employer, ensuring the key points discussed in the workshops are appropriately followed. This, in the end, would keep the employees engaged, giving them the ideas of what should be expected of them. Adequate training can quickly deliver a return on investment. With workers who can operate more effectively and efficiently – boosting and accelerating productivity – and take on new roles and responsibilities, the workforce can do more than less. The more skilled and advanced an individual is, the higher the potential value they can/would add to the organization.

Training & development help employers retain talented staff for longer time and increase loyalty of employees with the company. If the team feel they are given every opportunity and support to grow, develop, and build their skills, there would be every probability that they may be willing to stay longer than they expected. This then ensures the employer achieves a more significant return on investment on each member of the team hired, developed and retained.


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