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Edgeworth Consulting (EWC) started off in 2012 as a boutique learning and development consulting firm providing solutions to address business requirements. EWC is based out of Singapore and India and operates in the APAC region covering all the leading markets- Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, HK and China

EWC has been engaging with large and medium  FMCG, Financial Services, Consulting, Manufacturing, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Media and Logistics companies in Asia Pacific.

In the competitive landscape where the difference in technology is fast diminishing, organizations need to be nibble footed and flexible to stay competitive. People make a huge difference in the execution of a brilliant strategy and floundering the same.

EWC seeks to help organizations achieve its goals by providing solutions that enhance employee involvement and engagement. We approach business results in 6 key areas as follows:

  • Sales Force Development
  • Managerial & Leadership Development
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Personal Excellence
  • OD Interventions
  • Consulting & Assessment / Dev Centres
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Contact our office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online and we shall get in touch with you at the earliest. 

Looking back, it was a great journey with Edgeworth Consulting, they were always on our side. Raghavan was an excellent coach and mentor for all our learning and development needs. I clearly remember the training that I got from him and now multiplying it in the organisation. Raghavan went to the roots of every learning need including but not limited to taking joint sales call. We were taught about the sales cycle and this is an amazing concept to learn.

Violetta Dann
Lead Generation Manager, ECU Worldwide

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